Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Long Drive iPhone Application

Hey guys, I am going to be releasing an iPhone application for the 3G/GPS enabled iPhone. This will tell you how far you hit the golf ball, and can be used for other utility purposes as well. This blog is mean to be support for it, so if you run into any problems or issues, post them here and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Here are a couple screenshots:

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Zidane's Provoker Speaks Out

When I was browsing my RSS Feeds today, there was a particularly interesting one in the sports section today

This is an article about what provoked Zidane to headbutt the guy - and this is what he allegedly said, "I prefer the whore that is your sister".

I have a few thoughts about this - first, and this is one I have told anyone who will listen, is that Zidane's headbutt cost his team the World Cup. There are a few reasons behind this, one is that Zidane was a leader of that team, and had to be a source of inspiration when he was playing. Additionally, in the PK shootout, the kicker who missed was the 4th shooter, who is traditionally the worst shooter of the 5 (1st shooter: 2nd best, 2nd shooter: 4th best, 3rd shooter: 3rd best, 4th shooter: 5th best, 5th shooter: best). This means, that if Zidane was still in the game, he almost would have certainly taken the PK instead of this guy (because if he took them during the game in regulation - he had to be one of the best PK takers on the team). I know this is a lot of speculation, and who knows if I'm right - but hey - isn't that true of most sports analysis?

When I first saw the headbutt, I had guessed that Materazzi had said something about Zidane's mother or wife (is he married? I don't know), but sister is close up there ( I can only imagine the reaction Dumbledore would have had if someone had talked the smack about his sister ). However, no matter what Materazzi had said, there is no reason to headbutt the guy, getting yourself kicked out of possibly your last World Cup Game, probably your last World Cup final, and arguably costing your team the World Cup.

He is still a great player, and I'm sure he regrets this more than anyone.

This is my first post guys - and this blog will be based on my thoughts and reactions to various news as time goes on, sometimes sports, sometimes technology, not as much politics, sometimes science.

If there is an article you guys want me to write about or care what I think about - leave it in a comment or email it to me at or IM it to me at AIM: cleatsupkeep.

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